1. About

    Carl McClenan has worked in various capacities in the construction industry for over 17 years, including two years working in the field as an assistant superintendent. This field experience gives him a valuable perspective on project management. Since joining Joeris in 2003, Carl quickly put this knowledge to work as an Assistant Project Manager. In short order, he was promoted to senior project manager and now serves as our vice president of operations, an integral part of the Joeris team. He is responsible for overseeing all projects and project teams throughout the company. Carl is respected by all members of the construction team and is known for his integrity as well as his ability to maintain the project budget and schedule. Carl is active in youth sports programs as a coach. Carl is also a member of the Joeris executive management team and is an employee-owner of Joeris General Contractors, Ltd.

  2. Education

    Texas A&M University 1999
    Bachelor of Science in Construction Science
    OSHA 30 hour Certification
    San Antonio Real Estate Council Leadership Lab

  3. Activities

    Favorite activity at work:
    Having the opportunity to support and contribute to new thoughts and ideas which pave the way for future growth and success. Seeing the successes of our upcoming and future leaders keeps me passionate about the future and what it holds.

    Favorite activity outside of work:
    Spending time and vacationing with family. We love exposing our children to new things. Outside of family I enjoy coaching youth sports.

  4. Affiliations

    Northside ISD Education Foundation Board of Directors
    Northside ISD Construction Careers Academy Board of Directors
    Texas A&M Construction Industry Advisory Council

  5. Awards