Joeris Wins AGC State Award

Bexar County Public Works Administration Building

Bexar County Public Works Wins AGC State

We owe our successes to our hard-working project teams! Without your dedication and commitment, this AGC State Award for Bexar County Public Works would not have been possible. Congrats to this team!

The Bexar County Public Works Office Building is a state-of-the-art facility which brings together nine departments of the Public Works entities that serve Bexar County under one roof. The vision for this project, as expressed by the stakeholders, includes the following important attributes: legacy, bold design, transparency, state-of-the-art, complementary to the river, functionality, maintainable, and iconic.

Pictured: Senior Project Manager, Pamela Moczygemba, and Project Manager, Eddie Mata, accept the award on behalf of their team.