Miguel Delgado | Joeris Way to Go Winner | October 2022

Miguel Delgado is the October Joeris Way to Go Winner!

October’s Joeris Way To Go Winner has been chosen! Miguel Delgado, Carpenter 3, is recognized by one of his fellow team members for his attributes of Teamwork, Service, and Leadership.

Congratulations on winning October’s Joeris Way to Go, Miguel!

“Miguel works his tail off every day and always has a great attitude. I also appreciate his willingness to help out wherever he can. Thanks, and keep up the good work, Miguel!”

Miguel Delgado Nominated by Alex Faoro, Assistant Project Manager

Joeris Way to Go is our Employee Recognition Program.

Every month, Joeris employees recognize their fellow team members who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated one or more characteristics of The Joeris Way by nominating them for a Joeris Way to Go. During Joeris’ end-of-the-month Friday Staff Meetings, all nominations from our people are collected as one person will be randomly selected as the Joeris Way to Go Winner.

A round of applause to all of our October Joeris Way to Go nominees!

CATHERINE MOSTELLA Nominated by Graham Tidwell

JASON DAVID PATTON Nominated by Joshua LeBlanc

AARON EZEKIEL WILLIAMS Nominated by Aaron Kuhl

LOGAN DAVENPORT Nominated by Aaron Kuhl

LUPE JUAREZ Nominated by Bruno Castillo

BRANDON REEVES Nominated by Dean Womble

TRAVIS BONE Nominated by Katie Wyatt

CECELIA TORRES Nominated by Belinda Muniz

JO CHUKLOCHIK Nominated by Belinda Muniz

JASMIN SAUCEDO Nominated by Samantha Dominguez

KATIE WYATT Nominated by Samantha Dominguez

ZACHARY BRYSON Nominated by Sandra Deleon

RAFAEL RAYGOZA Nominated by Julie Deleon

MATT DUNN Nominated by Gault Robinson

JULIE MORALES Nominated by Alberto Garza

SELENA MARQUEZ HORN Nominated by Gault Robinson

EMILY PFEIFFER Nominated by Gault Robinson

ERIC LYON Nominated by Charles Forehand

JORDAN VERSTUYFT Nominated by Charles Forehand