1. Description

    The Bexar County Courthouse restoration project consists of extensive renovations while maintaining the exterior historic masonry of the Bexar County Courthouse.

    Project includes demolition and renovation to the 1972 building, the 1963 building, and the courtroom. Restorations made to the exterior stone and existing windows. Reconstruct fenestrations, damaged stonework, guardrails and window guards at newly exposed basement windows and restore a portion of the fire escape ladder.

    Work also included modifications to security, communications, alarm and monitoring systems, as well as significant modification to existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The entire project is being constructed during operating hours while the courthouse is being occupied.

  2. Details

    Additions, Renovations and restorations to Historic Bexar County Courthouse

    OWNER: Bexar County

    SQUARE FOOTAGE: 150,000

    ARCHITECT: Fisher Heck Architects, Alamo Architects

  3. Awards

    • San Antonio Masonry Contractors Association Golden Trowel Award - 1st Place - Restoration