1. Description

    The Pearl Bottling Department is a two-story mixed used building at the Pearl Development in San Antonio, TX. This project was designed to replicate the historic Pearl Bottling House, originally built on the property in the same location in 1894. Replicated design features include Victorian-style and Industrial influences with commonly used materials of the day including reclaimed brick, historically accurate limestone, clay tile, exposed wood trusses and decking, interior brick walls, steel window frames/doors, antiqued 1900 series glass, original masonry signage from the original building, and painted steel. The completed facility houses both a new “food hall” concept with 5 individual food stations leased to local chefs on the first floor, and the increasingly popular music venue, Jazz, TX. Inspired by prohibition era speak-easies, the 3,500 SF music venue is in the excavated basement of the Bottling Department.

  2. Details

    Pearl Bottling Department includes a two story mixed use building with basement venue.

    OWNER: Silver Ventures


    ARCHITECT: Clayton & Little

    COMPLETION DATE: June 10, 2016

  3. Awards

    • 2016 Excellence in Construction Award from Associated Builders and Contractors, South Texas Chapter