Once preconstruction yields a comprehensive plan, we move into execution phase: actual construction. Our team of seasoned professionals provides a complete package of construction services to every project, regardless of delivery method. This package includes:

  1. Project Coordination and Management of Subcontractors
  2. Scheduling and Phasing
  3. Site Logistics
  4. Safety Services
  5. BIM and LEED Services
  6. Project Close-Out & Commissioning
  7. Post Construction Services

At Joeris, our project management philosophy has always been one of collaboration. Our highest priority is building a quality working relationship with each client and delivering every project with the highest level of skill, integrity and responsibility. That’s why we assure that each project is continually overseen by a full team of quality industry professionals – and reviewed monthly by both the project team and Executive staff to ensure that the project is tracking with the budget and schedule.