In all we do

Safety is a top priority at Joeris, rooted in our uncompromised dedication to family first. We ensure a safe workplace for our employees, as well our clients and the communities we serve. Every individual at Joeris is expected to approach their work in a safe and responsible manner.

About Joeris CARES

Traditionally, unsafe work practices and jobsite safety issues are addressed through negative criticism. This is no longer an effective tactic for ensuring safety on a jobsite. At Joeris, a different method for safety correction is encouraged—one of expressing care and well-being for one another and coaching inexperienced staff and tradesmen about proper safety processes and practices on a jobsite. We refer to our Safety Mindset as Joeris CARES.




Why I Work Safe

At Joeris, we are each making a commitment to work safely. To explore the idea of commitment, our talented Safety Team asked “Why?” Why are each of us at Joeris committed to working safely? In response, we launched the “Why I Work Safe” Safety Vest badges. Each employee was encouraged to think about the reason that they are committed to getting home safe each and every day  — this could be a spouse, kids, pets, a favorite activity with friends or the bucket list adventure they’ve been waiting to take! — and place a photo representing that reason in their new safety badge. The initiative has been a heartwarming success! The badges are worn with pride across our project sites.





Our dedicated safety team provides oversight and training, promoting personal responsibility to put safety first. It’s a commitment from the top down to making safety a priority and communicating and coaching others about safety in a receptive and responsive way.

  • Adolph Fierros

    Director of Safety
  • John Keenan

    Director, Risk Management
  • Chris Eyhorn

    Risk Management/Safety Specialist
  • Felipe Castillo

    Safety Coordinator, San Antonio
  • Zeke Williams

    Safety Manager, Dallas
  • Charles Forehand

    Safety Manager, Austin
  • Michael Ramirez

    Safety Manager, Houston
    Michael Ramirez - Joeris Safety Manager, Houston

We ensure a safe workspace for:

  1. EMPLOYEES Coaching, mentoring, empowering our staff to run a safe jobsite through positive reinforcement
  2. TRADE PARTNERS Setting expectations and keeping everyone safe through personal accountability to stop unsafe work
  3. CUSTOMERS Assembling the safest team, protecting stakeholder interests, tailoring safety plan to client needs
  4. COMMUNITY Respecting neighbors, communicating regularly, minimizing disruptions, maintaining clean jobsites
2020 National Platinum Level S.T.E.P. Safety Award – Dallas
2020 National Gold Level S.T.E.P. Safety Award – Austin & San Antonio
2020 National Platinum Level S.T.E.P. Safety Award – Houston