Logan Davenport | Joeris Way to Go Winner | November 2021

Logan Davenport, Assistant Superintendent, is the November Joeris Way to Go Winner!

Congrats Logan Davenport, Assistant Superintendent, for receiving November’s Joeris Way To Go award! Logan is recognized by one of his fellow team members for his commitment, professionalism, and excellence.

Congrats, Logan! You deserve it.

Logan, for a young leader, is going way beyond to make sure that the Joeris relationship with the client is strong. I know that the client shows a lot of respect and trust for Logan.

Logan Davenport nominated by Larry Nelson, Senior Superintendent

Joeris Way to Go is our Employee Recognition Program.

Every month, Joeris employees recognize their fellow team members who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated one or more characteristics of The Joeris Way by nominating them for a Joeris Way to Go. At the end of the month, all of the nominations are collected, and one winner is randomly selected during our Friday morning staff meeting.

A round of applause to all of our November Joeris Way to Go nominees!

ELIJIO RIOS-CARRENO Nominated by Larry Nelson and Alex Faoro

JAMES JIMENEZ Nominated by Larry Nelson

VICTORIA JOHNSON Nominated by Kyle Sirizzotti

BAGGIO LOZANO-PLAKE Nominated by Seth Hine

LOGAN LEATHERWOOD Nominated by Seth Hine and Richard Gonzales

ANDREW PITCHER Nominated by Janet Dusek

DEBORA SCOTT Nominated by Barret Stillings

SCOTT LEE Nominated by Stephen Walter

PAMELA MOCZYGEMBA Nominated by Drew Godwin and Belinda Muniz

BELINDA MUNIZ Nominated by Drew Godwin

DREW GODWIN Nominated by Belinda Muniz

BYRON GRIMM Nominated by Belinda Muniz

BLAKE LAVENDER Nominated by Belinda Muniz

SHANI CHAPMAN Nominated by Alex Faoro

NORAH WILKINSON Nominated by Belinda Muniz

ALONSO BARBA Nominated by Matthew Haddox