Matt Doherty | Joeris Way to Go Winner | February 2020

Matthew Doherty Joeris Way to Go February 2020
Matthew Doherty Joeris Way to Go February 2020

Matt Doherty, Project Engineer, is the February Joeris Way to Go Winner!

Meet Matt Doherty, a project engineer moonlighting as SUPER security is also February’s Way To Go Winner! Matt was alerted to a thief onsite one night and safely ensured the criminal’s apprehension by police. You are a Joeris Superhero!

Matt works in the San Antonio office. His dedication, commitment, pride in his work, and willingness to go the extra step were all recognized in his nomination. His recent projects include the Broadway Office Development. Congrats, Matt. You’re awesome.

Joeris Way to Go is our Employee Recognition Program.

Every month, Joeris employees recognize their fellow team members who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated one or more characteristics of The Joeris Way by nominating them for a Joeris Way to Go. At the end of the month, all of the nominations are collected, and one winner is randomly selected during our Friday morning staff meeting.

A round of applause to all of our February Joeris Way to Go nominees!

  • Zach Pacioni 2x
  • Robert Woys 2x
  • Kenneth Groom
  • Daniel Olivares 2x
  • Jesse Lopez
  • Dan Byrom
  • Josh Holcomb
  • Ody Tsoutsos
  • Grant Hagar
  • Bruno Castillo
  • Wilbur Watson
  • Jason Lewis
  • Dean Barrett
  • Jose Sanchez
  • Adolph Fierros
  • Ron King
  • Jim Ruede
  • Matt Doherty
  • Kevin Lange
  • Ruben Martinez
  • Justin Sinclair
  • Gary Brayton