Megan Siever | Joeris Way to Go Winner | November 2022

Megan Siever November Way To Go

Megan Siever is the November Joeris Way to Go Winner!

November’s Joeris Way To Go Winner has been chosen! Megan Siever, a project manager assistant, is recognized by one of her fellow team members for her attributes of Teamwork, Gratitude, and Relationships. Since beginning her journey at Joeris, Megan has demonstrated strong teamwork abilities and a willingness to help those around her.

Congratulations on winning November’s Joeris Way to Go, Megan!

“I had the pleasure of meeting Megan when I visited the Houston Joeris office for the first time. She was so friendly, welcoming and helpful in every shape and form. She was very helpful to Selena and I by helping us print, order lunch for the team, and many more things! The smallest but yet sweetest and kindest gesture she did was bring Selena and I our lunch from the break room when she noticed we pushed that back to finish the interview preparation process. She did not have to do that, but it just highlights how thoughtful she is. I can tell she’s a big support to the Houston office and just wanted to take a moment to recognize how amazing she is!”

Megan Siever Nominated by Yulissa Salazar, Marketing Coordinator

Joeris Way to Go is our Employee Recognition Program.

Every month, Joeris employees recognize their fellow team members who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated one or more characteristics of The Joeris Way by nominating them for a Joeris Way to Go. During Joeris’ end-of-the-month Friday Staff Meetings, all nominations from our people are collected, and one person will be randomly selected as the Joeris Way to Go Winner.

A round of applause to all of our October Joeris Way to Go nominees!

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