Notre Dame School of Dallas Additions and Renovations

K-12 | Dallas

  • Project Scope 31,000 SF Additions and Renovations 
  • Completion Date January 2016 
  • Owner Notre Dame School of Dallas
  • Architect Perkins + Will 

Notre Dame School serves to educate students with intellectual disabilities and facilitates their integration into society. It is the only school in the area devoted to educating students with developmental disabilities, providing individualized curriculum to ensure each child’s needs are met. 

The campus underwent approximately 23,000 SF in renovations and 8,000 SF in new construction which was completed within five months. The construction was done in several phases to accommodate the active campus. The new campus will better serve the needs of the students and will provide them with a more enriched educational home.


Project Highlight: 31,000 SF Additions and Renovations 

Fast Fact 2: January 2016 

Fast Fact 3: Notre Dame School of Dallas 

Fast Fact 4: Perkins + Will