Texas A&M University San Antonio Public Health and Education Building

Higher Ed In Progress | San Antonio

  • Project Scope 55,800 SF New Academic Building
  • Completion Date December 2025
  • Owner Texas A&M University San Antonio
  • Architect Alamo Architects

Texas A&M University-San Antonio has selected Joeris to construct a new academic building to support the College of Education and Human Development and the Public Health program. The building will add approximately 55,800 SF of academic space to the campus. It will include administrative and instructional spaces for the Public Health program, Kinesiology Labs, faculty offices, and administrative support for the College of Education & Human Development. The building will also feature large, medium, and small classrooms for campus-wide instructional areas. Additional spaces will include a building lobby, student study areas, and storage facilities. The project timeline spans from December 2022 to January 2026, with an estimated construction cost of $31.874 million. The new building aims to provide modern facilities that promote excellence in education and support the university’s evolving academic programs.