Tradeswoman Leader at Joeris | Women in Construction 2021

In recognition of Women in Construction Week, we profile the fearless female leaders working at Joeris. From project managers, estimators, accountants, to field staff, these women are stand-outs in their field.

Our employee spotlights profile women at all levels of leadership at Joeris modeling our values of safety, integrity, leadership and excellence. Tradeswoman leader, Bettina Garcia, uses her many skills and talents to continuously improve the projects she works on and build relationships with her team members.

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Bettina Garcia, Carpenter

Work History

Bettina started in the construction industry when she joined Joeris in August of 2019. Over the past year and a half, Bettina has been a part of some of Joeris’ best project teams building educational facilities and now currently, a senior living facility in San Antonio. In her short time at Joeris, Bettina has received three promotions. Starting as a Carpenter 1, Bettina is currently a Carpenter 4 with Foreperson on her horizon.

Why Bettina’s a Tradeswoman Leader at Joeris

Bettina is Joeris’ first female carpenter in its 54 years as a general contractor. Her teammates and project superintendents describe her as reliable, very motivated, driven, and say when she sets her mind to achieve something, she steps up to achieve it with integrity. Bettina prides herself on her work and goes the extra mile to make sure she understands the tasks and helps to make sure there is clarity among the team.

Bettina was drawn to the construction industry because she always wanted to have a job where she could get dirty and work with her hands. She loves having a hand in all the moving parts and being part of something bigger, which naturally led her to construction. Bettina takes pride in her work, especially all of the blocking and systems that will eventually be hidden behind walls, but she knows they are there, and the quality must meet her high standards.

Bettina has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and, in her drive to get ahead of situations on jobsites, she learned quickly the importance of coordination and sequencing of the trades on every jobsite. Bettina took the initiative and love of learning to teach herself how to read plans and routinely goes home only to continue pursuing additional knowledge she can use on the jobsite and help make trade coordination run smoother coordinating the trades on the site.

She enjoys the feeling of accomplishment, with problem solving and troubleshooting on her jobsite and utilizes PlanGrid and BIM 360 on the jobsite, both apps she learned by using and exploring the apps while on her last jobsite when helping with punchlists. Bettina’s love for coordinating the trades and work should come as no surprise, she has a degree in anthropology. She applies that academic background of human behaviors, coupled with her empathy, ability to read people, and past work experience in the service industry, to working on the jobsite with various tradespeople, diffusing situations and conflict resolution.

With her expanding knowledge, use of construction technology and excellent people skills, Bettina is helping with running the day-to-day with carpenters, coordinating BIM for MEP in the field, reviewing clash detection and sequencing, all within a year and a half of being introduced to construction. Bettina’s aspirations don’t stop at her current position of a Carpenter 4 and as Joeris’ first female tradeswoman, while she wants to stay in the field working with the trades, her goal is to reach the Assistant Superintendent level within the next two to three years and ultimately become the first female superintendent in the company’s history.