1900 Broadway named ASA Project of the Year $20M+

We are pleased to announce that our 1900 Broadway – Jefferson Bank Headquarters project has been awarded the 2023 ASA Project of the Year $10-20 M

Introducing the 1900 Broadway project, a monumental 13-story, 486,210 square-foot mixed-use building situated in the vibrant Pearl District of San Antonio. The project’s core objective was to establish a LEED Silver-certified structure, serving as the new headquarters for Jefferson Bank, while revitalizing San Antonio’s bustling Broadway corridor, ushering in a new era of financial prominence in the city’s heart.

Joeris General Contractors encountered many challenges throughout the construction journey, from intricate steel coordination for the façade to navigating last-minute design alterations and supply chain disruptions exacerbated by the pandemic. However, through unwavering resilience and innovative problem-solving, the team transformed obstacles into opportunities for innovation and excellence. From implementing advanced access control systems to orchestrating efficient elevator access sequencing and managing complex street closures in a bustling urban area, every facet of the project exemplified Joeris’ commitment to surpassing expectations and delivering unparalleled quality. As the 1900 Broadway building stands tall, each meticulous detail is a testament to the team’s dedication, turning challenges into triumphs and setting a new standard for construction excellence in San Antonio and beyond.

Project Team

Russell Jenkins, Project Executive
Kimberly Maldonado, PMA
Tony Stock, Sr. Project Manager
Eric Woodring, Sr. Project Manager
Matt Doherty, Project Manager
Lisa Young, Project Manager
Joe Martella, Project Manager
Rob McNichol, MEP Coordinator
Gavin Tebbe, Project Engineer
Robert Klinksiek, Sr. Superintendent
Brent Mascorro, Superintendent
Deano Thayer, Superintendent
Bernie Gonzales, Superintendent
John Luis, Superintendent
Victor Lugo, Assistant Superintendent
Michael Martin, Assistant Superintendent
Michael Almodovar, Foreman
Harry Martin, Carpenter
Jessie Diaz, Carpenter
Rafael Raygoza, Carpenter
Reymundo Cruz, Carpenter
Skiler Cleveland, Carpenter
Sam Montalvo, Carpenter
Juan Nunez, Carpenter
Albert Torres, Carpenter
Jose Tovar, Carpenter
Jonas Vidaurri, Carpenter
Moises Reyes, Carpenter
John Ochoa, Carpenter
Marvin Lemus, Carpenter
Rafael Gonzalez, Carpenter
Jose Alvarado, Carpenter
Sergio Valerio, Carpenter
Martin Pena, Carpenter
1900 Broadway and Jefferson Bank TI Joeris Project Team