Announcing: The 2023 Values in Action Award Winners

The Joeris Values in Action program recognizes employees who embody our Core Values—Safety, Integrity, Leadership, and Excellence. This program acknowledges individuals who go above and beyond in incorporating these values into their daily work and lives. In this post, we’ll delve into the significance of each award and highlight the exceptional winners from 2023.

The Gault Robinson Safety Award

Named after Gault Robinson, a pioneer in safety training at Joeris, this award honors individuals who show an uncompromised dedication to family first by prioritizing safety, actively contributing to a secure work environment, and leading by example. We are proud to announce that the winners for 2023 are Alonso Barba, E Rios-Carreno, Michael Preston, Ray Bell, and Troy Palowski.

Top Row (L to R): Alonso Barba, E Rios-Carreno, Michael Preston Bottom Row (L to R): Ray Bell, Troy Palowski

The Richard Warren Integrity Award

Dedicated to the late Richard Warren, this award recognizes individuals who consistently choose to do the right thing, building honest relationships and demonstrating loyalty and commitment. The 2023 winners are Andrew Wilson (not pictured), Crescencio Carrasco, Beka Graham, Clayton Detten, Jim Ruede, and Ray Espinoza.

Top Row (L to R): Crescencio Carrasco, Beka Graham, Clayton Detten Bottom Row (L to R): Jim Ruede, Ray Espinoza

The Wilma Divin Leadership Award

Named after Wilma Divin, this award celebrates individuals who, like Wilma, exhibit selflessness, a positive outlook, and enthusiasm for life. The 2023 winners are Belinda Muniz, Christine Laskowski, Erica Turner, Megan Siever, and Mimi Cuny.

Top Row (L to R): Belinda Muniz, Christine Laskowski, Erica Turner Bottom Row (L to R): Megan Siever, Mimi Cuny

The “Oldtimers” Excellence Award

Inspired by seasoned veterans of Joeris, this award acknowledges individuals who deliver superior performance, prioritize customer experience and embrace innovation. The 2023 winners are Chris Clark, Jim Graham, Kassandra Morales, Keven Aguilar, and Will Arnold.

Top Row (L to R): Chris Clark, Jim Graham, Kassandra Morales Bottom Row (L to R): Keven Aguilar, Will Arnold

The Transformational Leadership Award

This new award was created to highlight visionary leadership, inspiring positive change, commitment, empathy, and forward-thinking. Kenny Fuller’s transformative impact on Joeris is recognized for creating a culture focused on growth, collaboration, and the greater good.

Kenny Fuller Accepting the Transformational Leadership Award

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees for their exemplary contributions, embodying the spirit of safety, integrity, leadership, and excellence at Joeris.

2023 Nominees:

Albert Vazquez Jr.Edwin PerezMegan Siever x4
Alex Munoz x3Elijio Rios-Carreno x2Melissa Jourdan
Alfredo Rosas Jr.Erica Turner x4Mike Preston x2
Alonso BarbaEsmeralda RosasMike Smith
Andrew Wilson x2Felipe Bruno Castillo Jr x2Mike Wittmer
Ashton CorderGault RobinsonMimi Cuny
Baggio Lozano-PlakeGlen RicksMitch Davis
Baldo Montes de OcaGraham TidwellNidia Rubio
Barrett BennettGrant Hagar x2Pat Cleveland x2 
Beka Graham x2Jack IngoliaPaul Rivera x3
Belinda Muniz x7James BoothRandall Martinez
Ben LawrenceJeb Jennings x2Ray Bell Jr. x2
Billy HollersJim Graham x2Ray Espinoza Jr. x2
Blake HenselJim RuedeRay Espinoza Sr.
Blake LavenderJimmy SerenoRichard Gonzalez x2
Brandon WoodburyJoe StreetRicky Rios
Buddy SchererJoey WhiteRoy Thayer
Caitlin MiddletonJordan VerstuyftRyan Carter
Cecilia TorresJorge GonzalezSam Lawrence
Charles ForehandJosh Hanson x2Sandra De Leon x5
Chase CrabtreyJosh LeBlanc x3Scott Lee x2
Chris Clark x2Juan CruzShane Chesser
Chris EllenderJuan Palafox x2Shannon Shipley
Chris EyhornJuan RamirezStefani Fife
Chris PilotteKassandra MoralesSteven Turner
Christine Laskowski x2Kenneth GroomStoney Stone
Ciro Sifuentes-BalderasKeven Aguilar x2Suril Patel
Clayton Detten x2Kevin Lange x2Terry Boatwright
Cooper KaufmannKyle WareTory Steil
Crescencio Carrasco x3Larry Nelson x2Ty Scharinger
Daniel Olivares x2Lee TowlesVictoria Johnson
David SalinasLuke JoliboisVincent Ziegler
Daylon KosterMark ClauseWayne LaFlamme Jr.
Dillon Tucker x2Meg Schneider x2Will Arnold x3
The 2023 Joeris Values in Action Award Nominees

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