Jerry Mendoza named Superintendent of the Year by ASA San Antonio

We are pleased to announce that Jerry Mendoza has been awarded the 2023 ASA Superintendent of the Year award!

In the realm of construction, Jerry Mendoza is a paragon of excellence whose career spans over three decades, marked by a steadfast dedication to leadership, safety, and integrity—the core values that Joeris holds dear. His start as a carpenter, grounded in the grit of hands-on skill, has evolved into a role at Joeris General Contractors that he not only performs but personifies. Jerry doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’; he ‘walks the walk,’ setting a living standard for excellence that resonates deeply within the company’s culture. It’s this intrinsic quality that has seen him spearhead landmark projects like the vibrant Texas A&M University Animal Reproductive Biotechnology Center and the dynamic University of Texas at San Antonio’s Park West Fieldhouse with a master’s touch.

More than his professional prowess, Jerry’s human touch ignites a drive for greatness in those around him. Colleagues attest that being in Jerry’s presence is to feel a spark that kindles a desire for personal and collective betterment—not merely in the domain of work but in all facets of life. His faith and personal growth journey resonate, inspiring his team to reach new heights. As a leader, Jerry has matured, constantly pushing the envelope and fostering an environment where growth is encouraged and exemplified. This nomination for Superintendent of the Year is a celebration of a man whose leadership transcends the confines of the job site, impacting lives and shaping futures. Jerry Mendoza is not just a superintendent; he’s a beacon of inspiration, making him an exemplary figure for Joeris and the construction industry at large.

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