Pearl Stable Hall named ASA Project of the Year $20M+

We are pleased to announce that our Pearl Stable Hall Job has been awarded the 2023 ASA Project of the Year, $10-20 M.

The Pearl Stable Hall project is a transformative endeavor to convert a historically significant multi-purpose event space into a premier music and performance venue. With plans to add a second-floor balcony, new green rooms, bars, stage facilities, and updated interior finishes, the project represents a fusion of heritage preservation and modern functionality. Despite the inherent challenges posed by the building’s historical past as a horse corral and subsequent use as an events venue, the project team has navigated through complexities with unwavering determination and ingenuity.

The team encountered various hurdles throughout the renovation, from space limitations to unexpected discoveries during demolition, including buried brick walls and multiple layers of concrete slabs. However, they met these challenges head-on, overcoming space limitations akin to fitting “100 pounds into a 50-pound bag,” they pushed the boundaries of creativity to address MEP clash detection issues and optimize the utilization of every inch available. They’ve forged ahead through close collaboration with design and trade partners, ensuring safety and functionality were never compromised. From custom-designed fixed seating with vintage-themed fabrics to safeguarding intricate chandeliers dating back to a 2005 renovation, the team’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence shines through. Leveraging Lean Construction principles, they streamlined operations with early procurement strategies, continuous improvement methodologies, and collaborative planning tools. It’s clear that the Pearl Stable Hall will emerge as a premier music venue and a testament to the team’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver excellence.

Project Team

Sysun Howell, Project Executive
Neil Lewis, Senior Estimator
Bill Rhodes, Director of Preconstruction
Cole Hensley, Project Manager
Cynthia Briones, Assistant Project Manager
Ray Taylor, Superintendent
Ernesto Rangel, Assistant Superintendent
Tony Stock, Sr. Project Manager
Rob McNicol, Sr. MEP Manager
Paul Crumrine, Project Manager
Belinda Muniz, Admin Manager/Training Coordinator
Hannah Hagen, PMA
Pearl Stable Hall Joeris Project Team