Georgetown ISD Multi-Campus Security Vestibule Additions and Renovations

K-12 | Austin

  • Project Scope 9,850 SF Security Vestibule Addition and Renovations
  • Completion Date September 2017
  • Owner Georgetown Independent School District
  • Architect Huckabee Architects

Georgetown ISD Security Vestibule Renovation project involved renovating the front entrances of two schools (Frost Elementary & Benold Middle School) simultaneously for Georgetown ISD.

Benold Middle School involved extending the front wall of the school into the main entrance by transforming two existing windows into security-integrated doors and creating the vestibule by extending the school into the existing front entrance canopy. This allowed a more central flow for students and staff and increased school security measures with cameras, badging, and safety lock-down features.

Frost Elementary School involved adding a whole new front office building that joined the existing administration and gymnasium areas. The existing canopy areas became enclosed and created an indoor, air-conditioned hallway space for students and staff to travel from the classrooms to the gym and cafeteria with ease. A new principals office and conference room were added as well. The new space became integrated with the school’s security system and allowed a distinguishable area for student and visitor flow. In addition, the parent drop off area was improved with a new canopy system, sidewalk, exterior lighting, parent drop off curbs, and resealing and striping the entire parking lot.