Austin ISD Menchaca Elementary School

In Progress K-12 | Austin

  • Project Scope 110,000 SF Menchaca Elementary School
  • Completion Date March 2020
  • Owner Austin Independent School District
  • Architect LPA, Inc.

As part of Austin ISD’s 2017 Bond program, Joeris was selected to lead a design-build team for the new, replacement Menchaca Elementary School. The complete design and construction of the new campus is to be completed in under two calendar years. After completing the new campus, Joeris will be responsible for the demolition of the existing campus buildings. Both the construction and demolition phases will be carefully phased to address close proximity to an active, occupied campus.

The campus layout showcases the existing landscape, paying particular attention to the heritage trees. The site plan features an interconnected system of three buildings with covered walkways, breezeways, and multi-functional outdoor learning spaces.