Northside ISD Jim Martin Elementary School

K-12 | San Antonio

  • Project Scope 90,000 SF New Jim Martin Elementary School
  • Completion May 2010
  • Owner Northside ISD
  • Architect Alamo Architects

Northside ISD’s 67th elementary school, Jim Martin Elementary was named in honor of a man who dedicated his career to education. Martin spent 30 years working for public school districts, making sure students were educated in modern, durable, and energy-efficient schools and oversaw the renovations and construction of dozens of schools.

Martin Elementary includes the features typical of every elementary school: an administrative area, library, 2-story class room wing, cafeteria, kitchen, and gymnasium. Martin also includes elements not typical of elementary schools, especially not yet in the Northside District. Martin is the district’s first green school. It was built to LEED standards and is seeking certification by the USGBC at the silver level. Sustainable design features include extensive natural lighting, overhangs placed on windows to provide shade and help keep the inside of the school cooler, natural vegetation with less grass requiring less water, preferential parking spots for high-mileage vehicles, insulated windows and a more energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system.